For over 30 years, my vocation was in municipal government management and my specialty was change management. I am adept at transforming organizations, both public and private, into more efficient and effective operations using the transferrable skills honed as a Borough Manager. My data driven approach to decision making is many times unpopular with elected officials as well as complacent employees who would rather do things “the way we’ve always done it”. Ultimately, however the public usually benefits from the results I produce. Unfortunately I am hired by elected officials and not the public.

My approach has always been to create financial stability through revenue enhancement and data improvement, coupled with “right sizing” fees and charges for service.  After I have set up the necessary systems to enable the existing employees to continue the work we have begun, I am terminated or dismissed by a new majority of elected officials elected in reaction to the changes the old group implemented. Many times employees who may not have appreciated my work while I was there find my replacements to be lacking, making their jobs less desirable.

I love this work and it is now my goal to offer my abilities to communities as a service through a professional service consulting arrangement. I excel at identifying money saving and revenue enhancement solutions in many areas of municipal government. I have the ability to get in, get the job done, and get out, just like a gunslinger in the old west: this is who I am professionally.

Personally, I am becoming “radicalized” so to speak. I am tired of the way things are and the direction our in which our country is going. I love a good debate and take great joy in playing the devils advocate. I am tired of poor service and disrespectful treatment from those who I pay for their service. I value a hard days work from an individual who puts their best effort forward in everything they do. I believe in God and feel He would be unhappy with the institution that we call the church as it is today.

I have a lovely wife who has stood by me through thick and thin (yes most of my hair is gone) for the last 30 years. Life has not been kind to our marriage and we are struggling to keep it together. I have five children, my oldest son from my first marriage, two daughters and a son from my current marriage, and an additional daughter who we “adopted” when she was 18 and needed a family. little did I know how much I needed her too. I also have three grandchildren. the oldest is my 4 year old grandson who is too smart for his own good. next is my additional daughter’s daughter, also 4 who lights up anytime I visit her, and the third is the 3 year old daughter of my oldest son who I barely know as a result of differences in philosophy.


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