Zoning Map Development

Jim Thorpe Zoning Map

Developed Through ArcGis

One of the ways that I have been able to benefit various Community’s is through the use of mapping software, such as ArcGis. My initial effort in the GIS field was in Wilkinsburg Borough in Allegheny County Pennsylvania. I applied for, and received a Pennsylvania State Grant awarding the Borough the software and initial training. The Borough contracted to have all of the individual tax parcels digitized (mapped) through an outside vendor and the parcels were then attributed with various information that enabled the Zoning Map to be created and information attached to each parcel through linking with the block and lot number, which served as the unique identifier.

In the case depicted above, in Jim Thorpe, PA I attached the Zoning District classification to each of the parcels that had already been digitized by the County. This attributing of the parcels enabled me to display the data digitally as the Zoning Map pictured above.

This is a much more accurate and clear way to identify your Zoning designations than a straight line map.

Contact me to see how your community can benefit from the development of a GIS mapping system.


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