Lawful People Cannot Understand Lawlessness

When I was the Director of Code Enforcement for the Borough of Wilkinsburg I had an employee who often quoted this saying. I believe it was one of his own making and it fits so many situations these days. The context in which he used it was to describe our inability, as a Department and Community, to obtain buy-in on initiatives such as property maintenance and community standards ordinances.

When you have individuals who are law abiding citizens developing standards for ALL segments of the Community and then charging a department with the responsibility of enforcing those standards upon individuals who don’t embrace those same ideals or standards there is bound to be significant controversy and confrontation.

It has happened to me in a number of Community’s, and if you are around the Property Maintenance Code Enforcement field very long it will happen to you. I have been charged with the responsibility in many communities, of enforcing unpopular standards imposed by the ruling class on citizens of the community that do not share their standards.

I have developed a system that works very well in imposing those standards in an equitable fashion that is firm but fair. It provides for assertive identification, notification, and ultimately prosecution of violations. Although not very popular, it is effective and works to make major changes in community standards, provided that all other segments of the system, including the local District Justice Court system and the Constable system work efficiently.

If you’re interested in how this system has worked in other communities, and how it can work in your community, contact me at for complete details and a demonstration.


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