What do we do with all of these abandoned vehicles!

One of the big problems in metropolitan areas is the proliferation of junk and abandoned vehicles left by their owners on municipal streets. During my tenure in Wilkinsburg, and later in Cecil Township the issue of abandoned vehicles became a hot topic. Vehicles were often abandoned on municipal streets as well as private property.

The State has a very strict set of requirements regarding the towing, impoundment, and ultimate sale of abandoned vehicles. There are requirements for posting, notifying, and sale of the vehicles that can become very labor intensive and time consuming.  Running the VIN numbers, mailing notices, completing the State mandated forms. The only way the municipality can keep up is to develop a method of handling the necessary information in a technological method. Realizing that in Wilkinsburg we towed 800 vehicles per year, the task became very important.

I successfully developed and submitted to the State DMV, a database application that produced tow lists, notices, and the actual state form to be submitted with one time data entry. This took the process from minutes to seconds. I took over, as Director of Code Enforcement, the management of the notification process. The Police Department was needed to complete some of the forms but they had limited involvement.

If you’re interested in how database management  has worked in other communities, and how it can work in your community, contact me at wesleyjohnson1@gmail.com for complete details and a demonstration.


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