What is the Real Cost of Providing Service?

For most governmental entities, this is not a question to which they have a true answer. Many municipal government units provide services such as garbage collection, water, sewer, or electric. All too often the calculation for each of these services is guess work at best with the data set used to provide billing for services eroded by the wax and wane of various elected boards changing the rules for billing in an effort to be “fair” to one or the other segment of the population that happens to be in favor at the time.

Additionally, the software used by many entities is either old, antiquated, or both and does not lend itself to comparison with other data sets because of different unique identifiers for the data. This usually results in inaccurate data skewed by ill prepared employees who never go “back to basics” with the data set upon receiving changes. They just change the last set of changes and the data gets worse and worse until finally there is really no check and balance regarding the accuracy of the data.

This video from Wilkinsburg shows how skewed the data can become over a number of years and how profoundly the development of good data can affect the ability of a Borough to maximize their revenue from existing programs without the need to raise fees or taxes.

If you’re interested in how database management  has worked in other communities, and how it can work in your community, contact me at wesleyjohnson1@gmail.com for complete details and a demonstration.


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